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Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Remote access to electronic library resources and software downloads is available
ONLY to currently-enrolled OSU-Stillwater students
and OSU-Stillwater faculty and staff.

For Alumni access, click here

Instructions are available at http://www.library.okstate.edu/dls/ezproxy.htm.

Login Methods space Access Tips

Off-Campus Access/Downloads Login*

*You may log in using this method:

   Using your OSU email address and the password you created in O-Key.

   Login: pistol.pete@okstate.edu
   Password: OSUru1ez

Kindle Fire Users:

The Kindle Fire browser (Silk) uses a Web proxy service, which forwards all your data through the Amazon cloud.

To successfully access OSU Library e-resources (on or off campus),
disable the "Accelerate Page Loading" feature:

In the 'Silk' browser settings, "Web > Settings > Advanced > Accelerate page loading." -- Unchecking this box should drop the forced proxy link.

Access Tips

Disable or do not use "accelerator" services such as "NetZero Hi-Speed" or "AOL Top Speed" while connected to EZProxy.

An accelerator caches pages and images on the provider's server to speed up retrieval. This works well for sites that don't change, but EZProxy is dynamic, leading to problems with older versions pushing out newer ones. Session information and cookies can break and cause problems with authentication and searches.

Avoid using browsers built-in to the service provider software (e.g. AOL) when using EZProxy.

These browsers are pre-configured by the service provider to work with their networks. This can give the same problems as accelerators. It is usually best to use the service provider software to establish your Internet connection and then use a different browser when using EZProxy.

As with any service, we ask that you provide us with feedback on remote access to the Library. Please send comments to lib-dls@okstate.edu. If you encounter indexes, databases, or online journals that deny access please send us the URL at the point that access was denied.

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